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Pop punk high


A New musical Experience.



In a world where it’s perennially 2003, and Pop Punk never went out of style, Derek’s life sucks. His parents don’t understand him, he’s the biggest loser in school, and the girl of his dreams, Amanda Bunkface, doesn’t know he’s alive. But everything changes when he finds the ghost-slash-genie of Avril Lavigne (who was murdered and replaced with a lookalike), who grants Derek three wishes to defeat his pop punk nemesis, Skeet, and win the girl of his dreams – but Derek is soon to find out that what you think makes you Pop Punk, often isn’t Pop Punk at all.


Pop Punk High is a celebration and a parody of all things early 2000’s, and the ethos and aesthetic that defined a generation, with an all-original, all-pop punk score. And it’s not just a musical – it’s an entire night out, a party, and a participatory event, coming to NYC for a limited run this fall at (le) poisson rouge.

Pop Punk High Ep

Featured Vocalists

My Life Sucks: Ben Lapidus
Pop Punk Fantasy: Amanda Centeno, Ben Lapidus
Three Wishes: Kelly Krauter, Ben Lapidus
He's Growing Up: McLean Peterson
How'd He Do It: Patrick Sweeney
Before Pop Punk Got So Mean: Melanie Brook
I Don't Give A Fuck: Ben Lapidus


Music and Lyrics by Ben Lapidus © 
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Lapidus Audio LLC © 
Instrumentation by Ben Lapidus



Marketing & Promotions

Leanne Schanzer Promotions


Graphic Design

Luke Strickler


Joe Walker & Greg Howard

Executive ProducerS

David Treatman, Anderson Cook, and Ben Lapidus


Evan Bernardin Productions



Spincycle NYC

Digital Content Manager

Courtney Smith

Associate Producer

Not the Normal Productions


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